Saturday, June 8, 2013

Perfectly Imperfect Homemaking - Kitchen Disasters

Let's just go ahead and puncture whatever perfect bubble you think I may live in right now. This is a blog where I share mostly my homemaking successes, because carmel burning on my stove doesn't really make for pretty pictures that way a dozen banana oat muffins or lemon berry pound cake does. But you can't make a cake without cracking a few eggs. And I've had my fair share of kitchen disasters.

I once decided to jar up some scratch tomato sauce to use up some romas and cherry tomatoes before they went bad. I got distracted, forget about them - overnight - and woke up to a house that smelled of caramelized tomato and charcoal. Not to mention a ruined sauce pan.

More than once I tried an experimental recipe for a chocolate custard, only to have it boil over in the oven and start smoking around the coil. I still have lumps of cocoa based charcoal cooked onto the bottom of my oven, waiting for the day I run the self-clean cycle.

Once, while cooking, I turned the front left burner on, when I meant to turn on the back left burner on my stove. Unfortunately, I had a plastic storage container on the front burner, waiting for me to use . . . it would never be used again. And I got to fill my house with noxious fumes while I cranked the heat on the front burner in order to burn the rest of the melted plastic off. (And if that smell won't convince you to stop using plastic containers when re-heating food, I don't know what will).

All this in just the last year. But you learn from your mistakes and it makes you a better and more humble cook, homemaker and, hopefully, all around person.

So in the spirit of us all becoming better people (and sharing in a good laugh in the process) - what are your worst homemaking fails?

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  1. My family teases me about the plastic bags and containers I've melted! :)

  2. hahaha!!! Oooooh - you reminded me of the time when my roommate was moving in - and for some unexplainable reason I decided that at that exact moment I NEEDED to make potato salad. I turned the burner on to boil the potatoes and eggs and ended up setting a kitchen fire, because I turned the burner on that I had set her coffee pot on!!

  3. Well I have a lot of them, but you can see one I blogged about here :)