Thursday, January 16, 2014

Journaling in 2014

When I decided what I wanted my 2014 Resolutions to be, I also got a cute mustard Moleskine journal to keep track of my progress on my Resolutions.

In the front of my fancy new journal I put a check list of my goals. Then challenged myself to journal my daily progress in addition to checking off my to-do list. Here are the questions I try to answer daily.

Daily Journal Questions
  • What did you eat?
    • Because one of my resolutions is to "Get Healthy" I am keeping track of what I eat. I'm not counting calories and only negligibly keeping track of macronutrient ratios. This question is really more about taking the time to log what I ate, make mindful choice and reflect on the quality of food I chose.
  • How did you move?
    • "What did you do for exercise?" sounds scary. It sounds like something you have to do at a gym or maybe as punishment. I prefer to think of the different ways I move. Some days it's just light housework, other days it's jumping jacks during commercials and a couple times a week it may even be a full gym workout. The idea is that I'm getting up and moving around at least a little every day.
  • What did you read?
    • This question is a chance for me to keep track of the reading I'm doing. My fiction, non-fiction and progress on getting through my Bible reading goal.
  • What are your prayers?
    • Since the main point of my Bible reading resolution is to seek greater intimacy with God, a big piece of it is also prayer. Pausing to keep track of what I am praying about and when can also be a great place to go back and see when prayers are answered.
  • What are your thoughts for today?
    • This is a question to tackle everything else during the day. What I'm thankful for. What I've learned. What I am thinking about.
Now this year is a big one for me because it's the last full calendar year of my 20s. So in addition to my Resolutions I also have some 30 Positive Actions Before 30 goals which I'm also journaling.

I've really been enjoying this practice. I think it's something I will continue after this year in my regular journaling, without the focus being so specifically on my resolutions and goals for the last year of my 20s.

Do you journal? What type of journaling do you do? Do you have separate journals for separate topics? Or do you compile everything into one journal or diary per year?

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  1. Great Journaling ideas! Thanks for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop!